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Today is a very exciting and emotional day for our CEO Assia and the rest of the Flypaper team.
Yesterday the Planet Funk album was released in Italy, after a full year in development and an entire summer of touring by the band.
This is the first album that features their new lead singer Alex Uhlmann! It is exquisite and we hope you agree. For those of you with Italian iTunes, download it here.
(And follow Alex Uhlmann on facebook here, and Planet Funk fan page here)

It is always a special day for a manager when an artist is released, but for some reason this day is particularly special.
Assia was consulting the Planet Funk band on various productions over the course of the last two years, while they actively searched for a lead singer to complete their offering.

Then one day, while training with her kickboxing instructor, Assia heard a song on the trainers ipod that intrigued her. “Who is this?”, she asked. “Oh, its my brothers band. He plays the drums. They are becoming quite popular”. Next thing you know, Assia is ending the class short, running to the office, researching about this stunning vocal she had just heard, and subsequently calls Alex Uhlmann in Berlin.

Two days later Alex came to meet her in London, two days after that they flew to Naples together to meet the boys in the studio (Sergio, Gigi, Alex and Marco), and within not even 5 minutes of sitting down Alex had already improved what are now the lyrics and melody to “You Remain”. And by the end of that first day it was clear that Alex Uhlmann was going to be the new lead singer of Planet Funk!

Find out more about Planet Funk here
Follow Alex Uhlmann’s musical adventures on his blog
Find out more about Alex and his background here

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